Are Electric Cars Really Zero-Emission Vehicles?

Always these types of ads you must have seen on television or newspaper that Electric Vehicles are Zero-Emission Vehicles. But is this statement entirely true? Because maybe there is no direct emission from the electric vehicles, but yes there is indeed indirect emission present in these electric vehicles.

Nothing in this world is perfect, but yes, we need to consider that if that thing is having more positive or more negative. Same is in the case of electric vehicles. The Gasoline powered cars may be emitting more emission as compared to electric cars, but yes the electric cars are a better alternative in the present times. Here in this article lets know how much the fact “Are Electric Vehicles Zero-Emission Vehicles ?” is true. Let’s get to business!

Are Electric Cars Really Zero Emission?

The question regarding the Electric Vehicle being a Zero-Emission Vehicles has always been in discussion. But there is controversy associated with it still the main topic of discussion. Its because there may not be any direct emissions from these electric vehicles there is indirect emissions always related to it.

Indirect Emission consists of the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity which is ultimately used for charging the batteries of Electric Vehicles.

According to some latest research done over the batteries used in electric vehicles, it is found that those electric vehicles which make use of fossil fuels for generating electricity emit more emission over a lifetime as compared to gasoline-powered cars.

Again if renewable sources of energy is used to produce electricity, then it emits around six times less carbon emission as compared to the gasoline-powered vehicles. This thing makes it clear that if countries wish to have Zero-Emission Vehicles, then they need to have renewable sources of energy for generating electricity. As such power generation plant, which uses fossil fuels for generating electricity indirectly produces emission.

Renewable Sources of energy comprises of wind, solar and biomass. But for that countries have to make the necessary transition in generating the electricity.

How should the Battery Disposal be done in Case of Electric Vehicles?

The case of battery disposal of these electric vehicles has always been a concern for the governments. As if these batteries are not disposed of correctly, then it will be more hazardous to human beings and the environment. And again the Zero Emission Vehicle Tag can be removed easily.

These batteries which are used in electric cars are very much toxic as they have such poisonous chemicals which can easily pollute the environment. So now the question arises that would this create a new environmental crisis?

One thing about these batteries is that they have a long shelf life, and as a result, they need to be disposed of after a very long time. Again more research is done on improving the lifetime of these batteries. More focus is done over increasing the efficiency of these batteries. Also, research scientists are developing more ways to recycle and reuse these electric vehicle batteries, in the industrial processes, for instance.

As more longer the battery is being used, it will have a less environmental impact over its lifespan. Again more research is going on making these batteries as storage devices which can be helpful in the overall energy grid. Also, the network can be useful when the renewable source of energy like the sun and wind is absent.

A car plugged in overnight could thus feedback into the grid at times of lower renewable energy generation, for instance when the sun is not shining, and the wind is not blowing, making then an alternative in generating electricity.

Electric Cars as Zero-Emission Vehicles

From the above discussion, one thing is obvious, i.e. these electric cars may not be full “Zero Emission Vehicle”, but its lot better than those of the conventional vehicles.

Again if proper research will be done over these electric vehicles, then surely they are going to be a better alternative in the upcoming years. Also, if their efficiency increases, then they can also be used for long-distance travelling. And if renewable sources of energy is used in generating electricity then surely the carbon footprint will be close to zero and making them a Zero-Emission Vehicles shortly.

The electric vehicle is an exciting path to follow, but some other aspects of their production systems need to be adapted. Also, energy, industrial processes or technology needs to be updated to make them more eco-friendly.

Is an Electric Car Actually a Zero-emission Vehicle?

Till now you must have read the article “Are Electric Vehicles Zero-Emission Vehicles”. Here in this article, we have tried our best to explain the reason behind considering electric vehicles as zero-emission vehicles. If you have any doubts regarding the things which are described in this article, then feel free to comment about it below. We will be more than happy to answer later.

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