Electric Car Battery Life, Cost, and Warranty

How long does electric car battery last? In every other electric vehicle, specially designed batteries are used for powering the main machine. As the batteries are the energy storage of any electric vehicle. But the electric car battery lifespan and warranties of these electric vehicles differ from one another. Some have a very nice battery life while another doesn’t.

But still, one thing nobody can deny, i.e. whatever may be the battery types, gradually with time the life of electric car battery will keep on decreasing. Some may offer better battery life & warranties compared to the other. But lastly, all are batteries only, and they will surely deplete with time. If you are going to buy an electric vehicle for yourself, then you need to keep in mind what your battery warranty covers and the tips and tricks you can implement to prevent your batteries from depleting easily.

It may sound casual to many, but its true that many of us really don’t care to know these essential things, and we keep on complaining later. Just following some tips, we can easily increase the life expectancy of electric vehicle batteries. Here in this article, we will be discussing some of the basics of causes that affect the life of batteries and how we can enhance it. Also, you will get to know about some of the warranties which is provided by some EV companies. Let’s get started.

Main Causes which Reduces the Electric Car Battery Lifespan?

Like any other electric type of equipment, the batteries of Ev’s are also impacted due to many reasons. Let’s discuss these ways, which affect the EV’s battery life.

1. High Temperatures

For any kind of batteries, the excessive temperature gradually reduces the battery life. And the same is also true for EV Batteries. If you operate your EV consistently in high temperatures, then it will result in the degradation of your battery.

Its is highly recommended no to park electric vehicles in direct sunlight for a very long time. As parking in direct sunlight has a very adverse effect over its battery.

2. Overcharging or High Voltages

Overcharging of anything has its own disadvantages. The same goes for EV; also, doing overcharging beyond its voltage limit can actually harm the battery life of EV.

Basically due to overcharging, it causes internal resistance in the battery. You might have heard about BMS (Battery Management Systems), which is a technology used by almost all modern devices. As a result of its actually not an issue for overcharging as BMS happens to save it. But it’s a good practice not to charge any kind of batteries upto 100% fully.

3. Deep Discharges or Low Voltages

Its wise practice not to use the batteries till its full capacity. As you may have seen in laptops that when the batteries drain out to some optimum level, then warnings light switches on automatically.

In the case of EV Batteries also draining the batteries till the very end reduces the battery capacity over time.

4. High Discharges or Charge current

While driving EVs, its wise not to aggressively use the batteries for driving. I mean to say excessive use of anything will do no better, but rather, it will destroy it.

Driving aggressively pulls a high amount of current from the battery in a short duration of time, resulting in high discharges of batteries.

It’s the nature of batteries to degrade with time and their life expectancy. But if you can try to avoid situations, then it will help you to maximize the battery life of EV.

What are Electric Car Battery Life Warranties?

Electric car battery life warranties refers to those warranties which are offered by the manufacturers to protect the batteries. But the warranties also comes with terms and conditions of its own.

For example, these warranties usually cover some number of Miles/Kilometer and some period, within which the customer vehicle has protected any kind of loss again. The same goes for electric cars as well. The batteries of EVs are having this typical kind of warranties, which mainly cover efficiency. Like the efficiency of these batteries will not degrade until the end.

These type of warranties are provided mainly in order to protect the customers from any kind of mishappening to their vehicles and its parts. But, keep in mind that these warranties are very much cautious about the terms and conditions which is offered along with that. So in case of any issue, you can claim the recover for you vehicles. And the best part is here your EV battery replaced and serviced for free.

As a buyer, you need to watch the warranty closely, as different manufacturers provide different types of protection features. So for better understanding, you need to watch it closely. Some EVs manufacturers are providing warranty over the number of bars in the battery, while some specify unlimited mileage in their warranties. These types of warranties vary from one company to another.

When do Electric Vehicle Battery Warranties Matter?

For the shorter-range vehicles, actually the EV battery warranties matter the most. In the case of short-distance communication, the use of batteries may vary from one type to another. I mean to say in lower capacity batteries covering short distance also degrades life of electric car battery much. Whereas for the same short distance, in case of high capacity batteries, the battery life doesn’t get affected much. Which ultimately results in the better battery life of these types.

It is very much clear from above that since lower capacity are easily drained out soon, which makes the degradation of these batteries more quickly as compared to the higher capacity ones. So it is always wise to check for or consult with the EV companies regarding the warranties which they will be covering after purchasing their product.

If you are investing a huge money in EV then its always a good decision to understand the terms and conditions of the warranties. So that you need not to get worry later. Its better to be safe than to be sorry later.

How to Extend Electric Car Battery Life?

Till now you must have read the article “Electric Vehicle Battery Life and Warranty.” Here in this article, we have tried our best to explain the importance of warranties over the batteries of electric vehicles. You should follow the causes that decreases the electric car battery lifespan and apply the reverse to extend the life. If you have any doubts regarding the things which are explained in this article, then feel free to comment on it below. We will be more than happy to answer later.

Again we are always open for suggestions or new ideas. We aim to provide you the best available knowledge in a simplified manner. If you genuinely like the article and want us to write more similar things, then don’t hesitate to share it on social media. Be assured that we’ll update this article as we get more intel on it.

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