15 Fun and Interesting Facts about Electric Cars

Looking for facts about the electric car? Because, the burning topic in today’s time is “Electric Cars” and nobody can deny that. The rate at which the adoption of electric vehicles is happening is praiseworthy. EVs may have been constructed first in 1837 but now only its popularity has grown exponentially. From last couple of years, EVs has completely changed the outlook of people towards it.

You may have acquired a lot of information yourself about these electric cars but there is still a lot of interesting and unknown facts about these electric cars which we are not aware of. Today we will be discussing about such amazing facts related to electric vehicles. I hope you will definitely like the 15 amazing facts about electric vehicles which we will be discussing today. So without much delay lets get started.

15 Unknown and Interesting Facts about Electric Cars

Some of you may be using Electric Vehicles but still you may not be aware of some interesting facts about them. As we all know that now also the percentage of Gasoline Vehicle is much higher as compared to electric vehicles. But still there is exponential adoption of there electric vehicles by majority of the car manufacturers, which itself is giving a positive sign upon its use by the public.

The day is not far away when all major manufacturers will be starting the production of electric cars in full fleged scale. Here I tell you the 15 interesting facts about electric cars that probably surprise you.

1. Requirement for adding Engine Noise to Electric Cars

You must be wondering why on earth would someone be adding noise to an electric car? The answer is quite simple because these Electric Cars are ultra silent Vehicle so the pedestrians actually finds difficulty in identifying the presence of an electric vehicles nearby. Which may result in an accident. So the European Union and US government have requested the electric vehicles manufacturers to add noise in the vehicles.

2. Special Priority for Electric Cars in Lanes

In many countries, government are trying to encourage people to used these eco friendly electric cars. Some are planning to provide priority in lanes as an encouragement.

Along with that, government is providing subsidy as well as tax benefits for the electric vehicle owners.

3. The First Electric Car was Invented Nearly 200 Years Ago!

The concept of electric car is not new. Its hard to believe that the first electric powered vehicle prototype was created in 1832 by Scottish inventor Robert Anderson.

It might be an crude invention which ran on a single charge, but the idea of running a vehicle using electric energy was quite at that time. Only after 20 years, an electric car using a re-chargeable battery was invented by Gaston Plante.

4. Electric Cars Becoming Affordable

The initial investment for purchasing a Electric Car is really very expensive as compared to the gasoline cars. And the
main reason behind its cost is its battery.

Since the technology is advancing, as a result manufacturers are able to make more affordable batteries as a result it is indirectly reducing the cost of batteries. And gradually electric cars becoming more affordable.

5. Huge Growth in Electric Vehicle Registrations

A huge growth can be seen in the registration of electric vehicles since 2013 when there were only 3500 electric vehicle in country like UK. And gradually it increased to 85, 000 in 2017. But till 2019 there is absolutely a huge growth around 1400% of growth in its registration.

Many analysts are talking about the subsidies and relaxation in taxes by the governments might be the primary reason for such a huge growth of electric vehicles and the number might keeps on increasing in the following trend in the years to come.

6. Extra Charge for Situation Like Emergency

It just happened last month that I can to know about one extremely useful feature of electric vehicles. That’s the extra charge features in case of emergency kind of situation.

Suppose think of a situation, where you are in middle of the road and your electric car run out of battery, and there is no charging stations available nearby. In such a situation this emergency extra charge can be requested from the battery. And the final extra charge will begin to show on your dashboard.

But for that the driver has to use his/her mobile app for activating this extra feature through sending a request. And upon the activation, you can easily travel few more kilometers to some safe spot.

7. Huge Growth in Number of Charging Points by 2030

Since there is huge population growth and which results in growing demand of mode of transportation. In the coming times the deposit of fossil fuels is going to be eradicated. And the only mode of transportation will be electric vehicles. But for charging them there has to be a sufficient numbers of Charging Points. So companies along with governments are on a mission to install a large number of charging points and stations by 2030.

8. The EVs Require Much Less Maintenance

One of the unkown interesting fact about the electric vehicle is that these vehicles actually requires very less maintenance. Compared to the conventional vehicles, its quite very less. The funny part is EV does not have a combustion engine, coolant for the engine, exhaust system, etc. So lesser the working parts lesser will be the maintenance also.

9. EV Market Growing Exponentially

Electric Vehicles being the eco-friendly vehicles is actually making its own place in transportation industry. And in a very short span of time its market has grown exponentially.

Along with that government involvement has also made a positive impact upon its growth.

10. Charging becoming Easier

The main constraint which was a road block in the development of electric vehicles is the charging time. Charging the batteries which requires many hours was actually having a negative impact upon the adoption of these vehicles.

But as there is huge development in charging station all around the country and also there is facility of fast charging all around, then this problem is going to be over in the coming times.

11. New EV policies declared by all OEMs

Since there is gradual growth and acceptance happening for Electric cars, as a result major car manufacturers have already declared their new policies for EVs.

Many have increased their share for electric vehicle in the coming future. Companies like BMW, Honda are planning to have a drastic shift from conventional to electric.

12. Electric Car doesn’t have an exhaust System

Since you have heard of Electric Cars being zero emission Vehicle. Its because since these Electric Vehicle runs completely on energy stored in the battery so they don’t produce any kind of pollution. So its quite natural for electric vehicles not to have any kind of exhaust system of its own.

13. Electric Cars are highly efficient

Compared to the conventional IC engine cars, electric cars have more efficiency. Here efficiency means the power conversion from the grid to the wheel. Higher the efficiency, more efficient will be the vehicle.

Conventional engines (Gasoline ones) have efficiency around 26% to 34%, whereas efficiency range of electric motor is around 70 to 95%.

Practically saying, in case of electric vehicles after each and every losses deducted these vehicles can convert 60% of energy from grid to wheel of a vehicle whereas in case of conventional gasoline vehicle it converts only 17 -21% of energy from the fuel to the wheels.

14. World’s Biggest EV Market is in China

The growth of Evs may have started in US or other European countries. But yes, in the present time Chinese electric car market is the largest in all over the world.

Their EV Market growth is around twice that of US and its continuing to grow also.

15. Insurance Costs is Higher for Electric Vehicles

Since electric vehicles are much newer to the market so the insurance companies are not so much confident about its costs. As a result the EV Owners have to pay a higher amount in terms of insurance as compared to the gasoline vehicle owners. But yes, its will definitely be coming down in the coming years once it gain more trust from the people and companies.

Facts about the Electric Car

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