Are Electric Vehicles the Future?

Is electric car the future? Nobody exactly knows what the future is going to be like. Yes, since the future is completely unknown, so it is just impossible to know what the future will be. But yes, what we can do is just guessing what may or may not happen in the future.

And the same goes for every domain present today. Be it Technology, Science, Robotics or Transport. Speaking about transport, the change from traditional oil engines to electric vehicles is gradually enhancing. I mean to say the transition towards pure electric motors is increasing day by day. Since the demand for such electric vehicles is growing so, the manufacturers have to introduce new electric vehicles for the population.

Now its high time to think about the alternatives to the transport otherwise we will have no option to choose from. As a result, scientists are working day and night to find some other options fast.

If we see the statistics, then we can see the trend that over the years, there is an exponential increase in the number of electric vehicles, be it cars, buses, bicycles, or bikes. Over some years, many car manufacturers are shifting their core business form gasoline to electric. As a result, we are more likely to see a vast number of electric vehicles on roads in the near future.

But for the full adoption, also electric car manufacturers have to travel a long way down. The reason behind this is the cost and the easily available option of gasoline. When the production grows, manifolds and more efficient electric vehicles will be available for the customers with more options available; then, only the majority of people will get inspired to purchase these future vehicles.

As the majority of the people are actually unaware of the need for zero-emission vehicles. Also, some are not that much knowledge to figure it out themselves. So when the cost of petrol and diesel increases, and people feel the need for less polluting vehicles for themselves, then only there will be a rise in electric cars.

When Will These Electric Cars Be Replacing the Old Gasoline Vehicles?

It may sound like nonsense to some people that Electric cars will definitely be going to replace the age-old gasoline vehicles. But for that to be true, there are some criteria which need to be corrected first, then only be these old gasoline vehicles be replaced. That’s why you should know “are electric vehicles the future?”

A) Improvement in Battery Technology

Some may argue that the battery technology which is being used the electric vehicles are better with respect to what was used before. And they are correct also in this fact. But for the mass adoption to take place, there is more improvement required for these batteries.

And for that, there is a requirement for Improvement in Battery Technology. So technology which will make them energy-efficient and also more affordable for the masses.

B) Making Fuel Cell Technology More Affordable

Another important area which is needed to be corrected is making fuel cell technology accessible. Some companies are getting ready to launch more affordable Fuel Cell then the existing Manufacturers. But the key to its success is its affordability.

Both these technologies are very much needed in making the electric cars feasible for the masses.

Still, one of these two technologies will make electric cars feasible for the masses.

Which Types Of Vehicles Will Be There In The Near Future?

In my opinion, we will definitely be able to see a lot of different types of vehicles soon. But among them, I think two models will be adopted by the masses. Let’s know about them.

1. Battery or Fuel Cell Electrics

These Vehicles will be entirely powered by the batteries. Batteries such as Li-ion Battery or Fuel Cell batteries. This will create zero pollution in the atmosphere.

2. Gas Hybrids

Here in these vehicles, gasoline, as well as batteries, will be used to power the machine. So it will have more advantages for the users, I guess. As they can use both the fuels simultaneously for powering the vehicle. Again the dependency on one is not necessary as we have more option available in our hand.

Slowly we will see the change in the Transport Industry. And the day is long enough when we will seeing these electric vehicles running on the roads replacing completely the age-old Petrol or Diesel Vehicles. Again we will witness the self-driving running in the streets, which will be safer and cleaner.

Advantages of Using Electric Vehicles

Nobody can deny that Electric Vehicles have more advantages than Gasoline ones. Also, they are more eco-friendly in nature. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of using an electric vehicle.

A few advantages are listed below, that why electric cars are the future?

1. Charging The Vehicles At Our Ease

Really its very hard and tidy to wait at the gas station for refueling our tanks. Because we all are busy in our daily schedules. And If I say that you have to stop worrying, then you may not believe me. As with the electric vehicles, you can plug the charger to charge your machine’s battery just like the Mobile Phones. And again, start using the vehicle.

2. Less Pollution & More Environment-friendly

Since batteries power these cars. As a result, these create very less pollution, which makes it more environment-friendly. Also, there is no chance of any poisonous gas emission from the vehicles. This makes electric cars more environment-friendly in nature. Using this will make you a smart citizen of the country.

3. Electric Cars are Silent

Since the absence of large and powerful motors in the vehicles, there is actually no sound produced by this machine. So it makes zero noise pollution. So apart from zero air pollution, we get zero noise pollution vehicles also. The sound is so low that you are not going to know whether a vehicle is standing at your back or not.

Due to no sound, some manufacturers are putting sound generators in them so that it will be easy for pedestrians to hear them in parking lots.

4. More Feature-filled

Here in these electric cars, you can quickly get more high-tech gadgets and features. So if you are not happy with the prices of these types of vehicles, then keep in mind that due to the use of high-end features in these vehicles like Advanced cruise control, accident avoidance, self-parking, and app connectivity. Its higher price seems more reasonable if you look at it on the whole.

5. Low Maintenance

As compared to the old gas vehicles, these electric vehicles require deficient maintenance. As it has very few moving parts compared to the other. Speaking about then like no fuel system, no hydraulics and no cooling system to remove waste heat.

In electric vehicles, more electronics components are used whose lifeline is very long then the mechanical machines. Again heat is something that damages the cars the more in the automatic machines.

From the above-mentioned advantages one can easily infer that the future of Electric cars is very positive. But in order to make these statistics more cleared, mass adoption of electric cars is required. Then only one can easily see the benefits of using electric vehicles in the long run.

Is Electric Car the Future?

The answer to this question is answered already. Because, the answer is simple: Undoubtedly.

All the advantages which are mentioned above are reflecting on why Electric Vehicles are the future vehicles. These advantages are not found in old gasoline vehicles. Also, fossil fuels are gradually depleting, and one day it will be over once and for all. Till that time we need to find some other alternative for transportation. And electric vehicles are the best alternative known.

Some may argue that for making batteries there is a requirement of a lot of electricity and for generating this electricity coals and other polluting sources are used. And to some extent they are true, but if you look at it in the long run and for a massive scale, then you can easily find that all this pollution which is mentioned is very less compared to the amount which is generated now. So yes, these electric vehicles are the future vehicles.

Are Electric Vehicles the Future?

Till now you must have read the article, Why electric cars are the future? Here in this article, we have tried our best to explain whether it is true that electric vehicles are the future or not. If you have any kind of doubts regarding the things which are explained in this article then feel free to comment on it below. We will be more than happy to answer then.

Again we are always open for suggestions or new ideas. Our aim is to provide you the best available knowledge in a simplified manner. If you genuinely like the article and want us to write more similar things then don’t hesitate to share it on social media. Be assured that we’ll update this article as we get more intel on it.

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